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We Are:

 A K-12 Learning Center specializing in ‘One on One’ and ‘Group’ Tutoring, Homework Guidance, After-School care and Personalized Student Development Programs in English, Mathematics and the Sciences.

Our Mission is to:

Foster a welcoming and inspiring environment for academic achievement by focusing our expertise on the  individual needs of each student and their future success.


Use state of the art technology in our learning strategies


Allow students to express their feelings through art and projects


Provide top quality teaching experience


Embrace diversity of every student

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Our Customers'


Leonid Sidorenko
Leonid Sidorenko
August 18, 2020.
We’re lucky to have such an experienced tutor here in Monterey county! In difficult times like this not everyone getting proper attention from teachers especially while learning online. Could be very helpful for parents and students starting from 1st grade and up. Very professional with lots of experience. Look no further.
Nick Barakat
Nick Barakat
November 27, 2019.
I rarely give reviews, but felt it was absolutely necessary to point out what an excellent learning center this is. The level of care and professionalism is outstanding and you really couldnt ask for a better facility for tutored learning. I had an absolutely excellent experience I would definitely give this center five stars. Thank you very much.
Marah Masri
Marah Masri
November 21, 2019.
I really got to say, Eduk8 , aka Manal, was my savior. My kids both hated staying after school until 6 and still had to go home and still do homework. Her punctual pick-up time and the utilizing of their time to complete their homework/ projects with her supervision was exactly what I was looking for. She worked closely with my younger son on his reading and with my older son with his physics. She was a great tutor. Really miss you here in LA.
Mervat Masri
Mervat Masri
November 20, 2019.
She really helped my son a lot on improving his reading and math skills. Having him being picked up from school was very convenient to me, and not having to worry about doing homework when we get home. Thank you Eduk8.